Reading Room

The Mayflower reading room is a collection of resources for parents, students and school HE advisors.  Throughout our years of assisting our clients, we have uncovered a few gems—documents that really help define the US university experience and the admissions process.

Why do students study in the USA

The two main reasons students turn to America or Canada for university are flexibility and choice. The liberal arts curriculum, common in most US & Canadian institutions, allows students to investigate a numerous academic areas before choosing their ultimate concentration.

Statistics show that the average US university student changes their major/course three times over the course of their career and still completes their degree in four years.

Helpful Guides & Notes

Let me introduce myself

First lines from the application essays of Stanford’s newest class.

More reasons to consider US university

Added benefits of a US university undergraduate education

Alternative routes to America

There are many other paths for those interested in the broad approach on offer in American higher education.

Parke's essay on writing the essay

Advocating essays with a sharp focus that allows for detail. Detail is what differentiates one essay from another, one applicant from another.


Tom Parker – New York University (NYU)

I was nervous at first as you would expect but everyone is so friendly and welcoming. The English accent alone opens up doors to lifelong friendships.

Sarah Clarkson – University of California

Life on campus is awesome, you bump into new people everyday and everything is so relaxed. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

R Peachy – Woldingham School

Thank you for all your work with the girls over the recent years. That we have an American programme at all, let alone the success we now have is all down to you.