From London to LA – A student perspective

It’s still amazing for me to think that, sitting here on my sofa, I’ve already finished my first semester at the University of Southern California and am going to board a plane to fly across the Atlantic from London to LA in just two days to complete my second. Going to university across the world from your friends, family and hometown is a huge decision to make, but I can honestly say that I couldn’t be more excited to be going back to USC (it’s definitely a new sensation to look forward to going back to school)! Applying to go to university in America was initially a little overwhelming. I had to take the SAT’s (three times), attend numerous interviews and try to navigate the common app and UC application all while taking my A levels here in England. Still, all the work was totally worth it because the last semester was undoubtedly the best four months of my life and studying in the USA has given me opportunities I could never have imagined.

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